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If you were ever looking for an idea to set up a business for yourself then you have come to the right place, because we can offer vinyl cutters at a price that is suitable for even the smallest startup business.

Or maybe your company is spending a lot of money every year buying in signs for safety, warning, displays signage etc. Well now you can start producing the signs yourself and save yourself a fortune every year.



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Due to Popular Demand we are now offering Low Cost LED Scrolling Display Signs. Have a look here

LED Scrolling Multicolour Display Signs

These are Ideal For ...

Corporate Communication
Event Listing
Retail Businesses
Medical Offices
Waiting Areas
Fund Raising
Lunch Specials
Point of Purchase
Safety Awareness

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Our main product is the 720mm vinyl cutter, which is suitable for most applications from the smallest signs up to signwriting the side of a van.

These machines come as a complete package including the Vinyl Cutting Software which other companies sell separately.

All you need to add is a basic PC (although a faster PC will be better when designing), we can also supply PC's if required.

With this versatile cutter you have a machine that plots or cuts, you can have bold signs that get noticed right when you need them.

Using a digitally controlled servo system, the cutter/plotter provides optimum speed, superior quality, solid reliability and unmatched value. Use the cutter to cut vinyl lettering or graphics from vinyl up to 24"/720mm wide rolls of adhesive-backed vinyl.

When you need to do plotting just switch the knife holder for a felt tip pen and you are ready to go. It's that simple, no other mechanical or configuration changes are needed.

The cutter is a "printer" that creates unique signs for windows, doors, vehicles, and more... using lettering and graphics designed on your PC.

It cuts lettering and graphics from sheets of adhesive-backed vinyl.

It works just like any computer printer. Use your computer to create lettering, logos and graphics. Then "print" them on the cutter to get lettering and graphics cutout of adhesive vinyl.

Businesses that have found great uses for a vinyl cutter are Embroiderers, Screen Printers, Sporting Goods/Uniform Dealers, Retailers, Clothing Shop Owners and T-Shirt Shops, Sandblasters/engravers, Garages, Spray Painters, Safety Sign Manufacturers, Sign Companies. Boat Cover suppliers, Sail/Yacht Manufacturers. All of these types of businesses have unique demands that require a vinyl cutter. Even starting a sign business in your own community. You will be making money in no time.

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